CSIM Dissemination Service System

Creativity’, ‘Strategy’, and ‘Interactive Marketing’ are the characteristics of Daoyuan Advertising. We create with creativity as our guide, are driven by strategy, and have a basis of Interactive Marketing. This trinity formula results in a unique customer service system, and a more three-dimensional spread through Media, Events and PR.

Creativity is intuitive expression impressing the audience, Strategy is the creative core, and Interactive Marketing wants to increase the audience’s experience and enhance the communication of the event and the topics. This is in order to expand the brand influence, and drive the sales of products. We wholeheartedly create high-quality advertising for our customers, in order to develop a way for your brand to succeed.


Brand Management

ADAO We help clients to provide a more professional and comprehensive brand management system.

Brand positioning: to help customers to identify → classify → choose;

Brand sorting: to answer the confusion created by multiple brands and straighten brand architecture;

Brand planning: for clear brand development goals, principles and methods.

We work hard to build the foundation of an enterprise with a hundred-year brand for our clients.


Creative Expression

The creative team from ADAO brings together the industry elite, under the leadership of a Taiwanese senior creative director with a creative career of more than 20 years. They provide the clients with creative TVC television advertisements and photography; creative traditional print advertising; creative interactive online and media advertisements; creative special media; creative events and live visual performances; creative enterprise VI systems; and creative services for other visual systems. They adhere to a precise mix of creativity and excellent execution, in order to make 1+1>2 advertisements for the clients.


Event Management

The ADAO event and public relations team has extensive event planning and execution skills, and is good at finding progress through detailed implementation and creating points of concern for the news media and the public. They not only can create a superior process experience, but they are even better at attracting outside attention.

We provide not only event management, like large-scale public relations event planning, execution, and event marketing; theme forums, exhibitions, meetings, conferences, product launches, product promotion and sponsorship events; The arrangement of all kinds of contract signing events, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, donation ceremonies, as well as all kinds of celebration events; Large-scale public event sponsorship, cooperation, etc. For all of this, ADAO has a platform for their clients to create hot spots, drive sales and brand building.


Media Management

The ADAO media team decides on a media strategy for the client based on the sales service network and marketing distribution of the client. They build an advertising platform, a PR platform and a crisis management system, providing the client with a dedicated media system that is comprehensive, multi-angular and deep, thus maximizing brand value.

ADAO has extensive media resources in China and the rest of the world:

More than 2,000 various national newspapers;

Nearly 700 radio stations;

Nearly 1,000 CCTV and local TV stations

More than 1,500 various magazines;

More than 20 kinds of full range media assets;

Portals, vertical network resources and social media marketing;

Global media assets throughout Russia, South Africa and Iran.


Word of Mouth Marketing

The ADAO marketing team has 18 years of experience in development and CSIM dissemination service systems, developing a word of mouth marketing strategy to the client. They build a word of mouth platform via many networks; they provide editorial writing, publishing and monitoring on the networks; they collaborate with enterprises to create and perfect a mechanism to solve user problems. They open up a road to build a brand reputation for new products, and create an excellent word of mouth marketing service system for the client.


Crisis Management

The ADAO public relations team provides their clients with an early-warning mechanism to prevent problems before they arise. They do local and nationwide media opinion detection, and pay attention industry trends and promotion of competing products; they maintain a good working relationship with the major media, preventing the infinite spread of crises; they maintain long-term communication with the enterprises, establishing a rapid-response mechanism, and continuously improving the corporate image.

After the event every second counts, and decisive action has to be taken. We develop counterstrategies for our clients, coordinating communication with the relevant media, controlling reproduction and dissemination, reducing the first impact, and then investigating the incident. We give correct guidance on media reports, and minimize or even resolve negative impact with a comprehensive and multi-angular approach through guiding of the media and the public opinion, actively showing the social responsibility and spirit of the brand of the enterprise.