The 17th Russian International Construction and Project Machine Exhibition(CTT) is held in Moscow on 31th May---4th June 2016, The China FAW Group participated it with the hot products J6!



Since the first Russian CTT International Construction and Project Machine Exhibition was held in Moscow 1999,it has become the International Event with 70000 square meters showing area600 exhibitorsmore than 20000 professional audiences!

For a long time,it brings the successes and surprises for the exhibitors and spectators with the great support from Russian Federal Government, and it has become the largest construction and project machine exhibition in Russia,mid-Asia and east European area.

With the economical reflection of the 2015 Russian slumping exchanging rate, the 2016 CTT is a little depressed than the former years.In this CTT exhibition,the main participating commercial vehicle includes the 2 dumpers,2 tractors and 1 special vehicle from Benz, 2 dumpers,2 tractors, 1 mixer and 1 XICHAI engine from the FAW, 2 tractors, 2 mixers, and 1 KAMAZ special vehicle from the Russian local brand KAMAZ, 2 tractors and 1 dumper from ShanQi, and so on.    




During the exhibiting time, the distributors from Russia and mid-Asia area and the intention corporations come to the FAW stand to negotiate the cooperation matters one by another, and they had a deep negotiation upon the products’ service,price,accessories,and techniques.A lot of potential clients shows great interest in the products, and they experienced themselves and express the purchasing intention.

As the  agent of the FAW oversea strategy market, ADAO has been the assistant for FAW’s exhibition participating  for 4 years since 2013, we are fully in charge of the special decorating stand’s planing, designing, the total solution and the construction’s conduction, and so on.

In this exhibition, the FAW’s stand architecture is the most complicated, and the overall-look is not only modern but also steady and significant,and it shows the continual stable improvement strategy of 2016 FAW oversea market simultaneously, and present the FAW oversea market feature and the international quality.The stand has successfully attracted the large quantity of audiences,expert profession’s attention, they also take photos as anniversary and become the hottest focus in the whole CTT exhibition sites.


        Hope is just in the brightest place, far and away

FAW is making his progress under the focus! ADAO goes

along all the way with FAW!!!