As heaven maintains vigor through movements, a gentle man should constantly strive for self-perfection. As earth's condition is receptive devotion, a gentle man should hold the outer world with broad mind. Immersed in the millennium history and culture, engraved the imprint of"Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished." Whether it is the history of the past when the culture in the light and shadow ofXuanzang's Pilgrimageis inherited or in current days when the brand value of Toyota is showcased, FTMS CROWN is constant to pay tribute and touch upone the cultural classics in its own charming way.

On the evening of November 22, the beautiful city Huizhou ushered in its heyday! FTMS teamed up with the Central National Traditional Orchestra to carry out the FTMS CROWN " King ·Pay tribute to the classics"Xuanzang's Pilgrimage“Belt and Road” National Music Tour at the Huizhou Culture and Art Center, showing respect to the classic culture with the high-end and magnificent art feast and FTMS CROWN’s leading charm!

King ·Pay tribute to the classicsXuanzang's PilgrimagerevealsToyota CROWN original attention

As the world's first large national instrumental opera,Xuanzang's Pilgrimagecreated a precedent for the "drama" and "musical instrument" as a symbol of the spiritual culture ofXuanzang's Pilgrimage. It is a music culture with multi-ethnic style characteristics. At the same time, the music culture along the Silk Road is eclectic, not only highlights the integration and accumulation of diversification in history, but is also in line with the "One Belt, One Road" context.

The folk instrumental drama that combines stage and instrumental performances -Xuanzang's Pilgrimagdemonstrates its feature of being more inclusive, profound and extensible. Not applying the old traditional way, the show applies a narrative way to illustrate the master, Xuanzang, and his spirit of perseverance and not forgetting where he started. It is a deep-seated exploration of music expression. In the diversified cultural inheritance in the general,Xuanzang's Pilgrimag’scontent is expanded while reproducing and the past and present of Chinese music are reproduced.

Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.Undoubtedly, the spiritual connotation expressed inXuanzang's Pilgrimagis the key to its charm, and this is the concept of FTMS's "Staying true and striving for the best". On the eve of the opening of the show, FTMS's regional leader pointed out thatXuanzang's Pilgrimagnot only takes music to reproduce the customs and music culture along the Silk Road, but also better fits the "Belt and Road" background to achieve economic win-win and cultural integration. The vision of history and culture, the inheritance of humanistic craftsmanship, and the spirit of the peers are undoubtedly highly compatible with the brand concept that FTMS has always held in esteem.” As said, from VIOS to CROWN, inheritance and innovation , accumulation and improvement, FTMS has not changed its original commitment to a comfortable driving .

Brand value is as precious as it always is, FTMS CROWN crowned.       

The unique spirit ofXuanzang's Pilgrimagis the focus of brand during Toyota's exploration in the integration of automobile industry and cultural heritage. This is also illustrated in the new brand slogans of FTMS: “Staying true and striving for the best ” to create resonance with consumers. With the great products and services, it creates differentiated advantages for clients, which enables us with incomparable brand value promotion in the fierce homogenization competition in the automotive industry.

 “I won’t die until arriving in TianZhu”, that’s Xuanzang’s vow. InXuanzang's Pilgrimag,he went through the nine hundred and eighty-one challengs. His story became the classic that promotes the inheritance of Buddhist culture and national culture. As a first-class auto brand, Toyota enjoys the same heritage and persistent classic charm.

 As a classic of the Toyota product line, CROWN has been innovated for 14 generations since the birth of the first model in 1955. In the iterative evolution, although we can't find the trace of its original model on the new car, we can still feel the inheritance of the classic. After over 60 years of development, CROWN's ingenuity in pursuit of quality and craftsmanship has never changed, and it has thus forged its charm and became an irreplaceable crown in Toyota. Today, CROWN is committed to the integrity and belief of the FTMS brand with its unrepeatable performance. The new 2018 CROWN is infused with the imprint of the times, and the fashion dynamics and calmness of the innovation make it even more attractive.

FTMS being brave as the “King”, sweeping marketing with innovation A brand that embodies faith and tolerance, heritage and foundation, innovation and the future are now expanding the epitome of FTMS all way along. "Operate internally and battle externally." FTMS's brand expansion strategy has never stopped. As a classic producer, FTMS, with forward-thinking thinking and layout, is focusing on creating the platform with TNGA modular platform as the center and product innovation coverage as the radius and advancing into the Chinese auto market.

It is safe to say that Toyota's manufacture and philosophy have always been the incompatible brand strength. The new concept of the TNGA (Toyota Production System) shows the ambition of FTMS in overwhelming the Chinese auto market. The innovative system involving the entire industry chain value of automotive R&D, design, production, procurement, etc. will help to achieve more efficient research and development, more dedicated production, and present more competitive quality models. This top-down structural revolution is bound to lay the foundation for FTMS’s journey in the Chinese auto market.

Of course, as the crown classic inheritance - Avalon Asia Dragon, has long established its position in the North American market. Based on the TNGA platform, Avalon Asia Dragon is equipped with sporty and aggressive outlooks, but also the elegant interior layout together with its own luxurious gene. Today, FTMS will be launching in China, which is bound to cause great changes in the entire automotive industry.

It goes without saying that bothXuanzang's Pilgrimage, taking music to express his personal epic life, or FTMS promoting brand with the ingenuity of product craftsmanship are all born out of the belief of "not forgetting the original intention", reflecting their hearts in paying tribute to the classic. Ingenuity and classic are eternal, and FTMS will eventually shock this prosperous society with its competitive brand strength!