Abbreviations: Event keywords: Welcome the New Year and enjoy the party; Evolution. Step into multidimensionality!

Is the invitation we handed--

Time: 18:18, January 15, 2019

Venue: China World Hotel Beijing

Event: Beijing ADAO Annual Meeting

Key Vision

Beautiful girls, are singing while shaking peach blossom fans, bringing a breeze,

They are always charming with either light or heavy make-up,

This isn’t a glimpse in the draft,

It’s a preparation for the surprise show by ADAO’s companions,

Tonight, their goal is,

to be the most attractive one on the stage!


The bell rings with surprise,

Companions from different departments are the stars on the red carpet,

Attention please, it is recommended to wear sunglasses to watch!

A creative dance show kicks off the annual meeting.

The passion never fades, the emotion escalates,

Mr. Jia, the chairman of ADAO, made a speech,

It warms the hearts of ADAO’s companions.

Refining and improvement for eighteen years,

Running at full speed in 2018,

Forging the honor of China 4A Member Unit,

This is a glorious moment for ADAO,

This is the coronation of the efforts for all ADAO’s companions.

2019 is destined to be a year of struggle,

ADAO’s leader will lead all ADAO’s companions,

Stepping into the multi-dimensional competitive environment with the potential of evolution,

With the accurate layout of three major business development, we will build the multi-dimensional competitive power,

With high-quality work attitude and passion, we will enter into the multi-dimensional development space.

Our future is promising, our journey is dauntless,

ADAO will not forget the initial intentions and decidedly move forward.

Generosity and warmth,

Grandma Zhang Shuqin, the founder of Sun Country in Beijing,

With more than a dozen lovely children,

Gave us a performance full of childishness,

Driving away the haze of winter,

Behind every smiling face,

It is the determination of ADAO to adhere to the corporate public welfare.

Besides excellent business capacities, it is stunning the literary and artistic skills from ADAO’s companions,

They also presented wonderful programs one after another,

I am wondering,

do they want to enter into the entertainment circle?

Department performance


At the hot scene,

How can we absent the performance of colleagues from Chengdu Branch?,

It is very happy to have friends from afar!

With continuous surprise and sincere blessing,

Everyone will not forget to share happiness,

Sending it to the busy ADAO adpersonin,

At this moment, the hearts of ADAO adpersonin are connected.

At this moment, we are family!

If there’s anything can keep our colleagues awake from drinking,

It must be the lottery,

Whether the prizes are rich or not,

Let’s feel the decibels at the lottery!

Drink and talk to each other,

In laughter and emotion,

The 2019 ADAO Annual Meeting is also nearing the end,

We bid farewell to ourselves running in 2018,

Make an appointment together about a miracle in evolution of 2019!


We still have a long way,

ADAO is willing to accompany you,

Fulfill the New Year’s resolutions,

Be more outstanding in the evolution!

May the New Year be better than the previous year,

Happy New Year to you all!