How to do green public welfare? FAW BESTUNE said “the tree is moving”No deserts! The BESTUNE Green Movement Plan plants green in the deserts!Is the brand public welfare just surface acting? FAW BESTUNE makes green for Alxa desert with actions.We are serious about public welfare! FAW BESTUNE Vegetation Plan delivers green positive energy.

      Concerning green public welfare, FAW BESTUNE and SEE made an warm attempt.Can you imagine that exercise is green public welfare? In the vast desert thousands of miles away from us, the accumulated mileage can be exchanged for saplings. They are used to prevent sand erosion and control wind desertion in Alxa desert. On May 24, the BESTUNE Green Movement Plan themed with “green driving, plant forward” was officially launched in Alxa. FAW BESTUNE, one of the leader and founder of the Internet of Things formally signed a cooperation agreement with SEE, the founder of China's non-governmental environmental protection organization. The two party are jointly committed to desertification control and ecological barrier reconstruction in Alxa region. ADAO takes public welfare as its own duty. Through long-term and multi-dimensional effective communication with SEE public welfare organization, it contributed to the implementation of today's BESTUNE Green Movement Plan and made great contributions to public welfare of green earth.Facing the ecological environment problems caused by desertification, how can ordinary people participate in environmental protection more directly, and how can a brand use its own environmental protection concept to drive consumers to take actions? The answer may be found in the green public welfare of FAW BESTUNE。

FAW BESTUNE Vegetation Plan: Make Public Welfare Reachable, Bring Green to Desert

      The BESTUNE Green Movement Plan is an important support project for the public welfare brand of “BESTUNE Green Movement” and is also the first green public welfare project jointly launched by FAW BESTUNE and SEE. The two party will work together to restore vegetation in the key ecological areas of Alxa, plant psammophytes represented by haloxylon ammondendrons and gradually restore desert vegetation, thus improving the local ecological environment and curbing the spread of desertification. According to the statistics, the total number of haloxylon ammondendron and carbon sequestration forests planted will exceed 100,000 in the BESTUNE Green Movement Plan.

At the launching ceremony, Mr. Liu Changqing, general manager of FAW Car Co., Ltd., was full of expectation for the BESTUNE Green Movement Plan. He hoped that “the cooperation between FAW BESTUNE and SEE will gather everyone to add a piece of green to the earth, add a beauty to the world, and bring the best hope to our life with haloxylon ammondendrons and carbon sequestration forests!”

      Mr. Zhang Li, secretary-general of the SEE Foundation, spoke highly of the BESTUNE Green Movement Plan, which he believed “reflects the consensus reached by FAW BESTUNE and SEE in their joint efforts to restore China's ecosystem. They are committed to continuously improving the ecological environment through desertification vegetation restoration, wildlife habitat restoration, forest multi-benefit carbon sink management, etc. The both party will jointly promote ecological protection and sustainable development, including but not limited to desertification areas andmountainous forest areas!”

Under the witness of all the guests and the media, Mr. Yang Dayong, deputy general manager of FAW Car Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhang Ruibo, deputy secretary-general of SEE Ecological Association, went on stage to jointly sign the cooperation agreement between FAW BESTUNE and SEE.

Mr. Liu Guoqiang, founder and CEO of China Public Welfare Network, the first green ambassador of the BESTUNE, also attended the launching ceremony of the BESTUNE Green Movement Plan, and and was awarded by Meng Xianghui, the general manager of FAW Auto Sales Co., Ltd.

 All the guests and media participating in the launching ceremony have made concerted efforts to plant haloxylon ammondendrons. Mr. Liu Changqing, general manager of FAW Car Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhang Li, secretary-general of the SEE Foundation jointly unveiled the “BESTUNE Green Movement Forest”.

The FAW BESTUNE expects and the SEE Foundation to take this launching ceremony of BESTUNE Green Movement Plan as an opportunity to regularly carry out tree planting activities so that more and more saplings will be settled in the BESTUNE Green Movement Forest, which will influence more people to participate in green public welfare activities consciously, practice a green lifestyle with more exercises, and keep clear water and blue sky in Alxa desert.

For Green Public Welfare, BESTUNE Is Taking Actions

If ecology thrives, civilization thrives; if ecology languishes, civilization declines.  In order to build a “beautiful China”, China's own car brands must take actions. As a responsible corporate citizen, FAW BESTUNE has been sticking to make efforts from green products to green manufacturing and from green life to green public welfare.

FAW BESTUNE has been actively practicing corporate social responsibility for years. Especially in the past two years, FAW BESTUNE has made remarkable achievements in green ecological protection. In October last year, at the new BESTUNE brand strategy conference, the “BESTUNE Green Running Plan” was officially launched, calling on more people to participate in green public welfare. Each participant can donate steps, convert mileage and exchange saplings in the “BESTUNE Green Running Plan” applet. Up to now, 60,000 people have participated, converting a total of 1.75 million miles, all of which will be converted into saplings. On March 12 of this year, the Planting Festival in China, FAW

BESTUNE released its brand of “BESTUNE Green Movement” public welfare, advocating green travel and practicing green life. The new BESTUNE “Continuous Green Movement” makes the value concept of “low carbon, healthy and harmonious coexistence” deeply rooted in the people!

FAW CAR is one of the first batch of green factories in China. For a long time, FAW Car has been highly concerned about the development of national environmental laws and regulations and energy policies. It has successively passed ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification, environmental/occupational health and safety management system certification, and energy system certification achieving system standardization. From factory planning to new projects or renovation projects, the overall development of green products and green factories will be promoted closely around the utilization efficiency of resources and energy and the level of cleaner production.

FAW BESTUNE is also actively developing new energy products and comprehensively deploying new energy vehicle markets. FAW BESTUNE has successfully launched BESTUNE B30 EV, X40 EV and other new energy models into the market. The FME electric vehicle platform being developed is leading in China. It can realize the expansion of A0, A and B models, meet the planning requirements of electric vehicle products in the future, and reserve enough space for future upgrades. The pure electric vehicle based on FME platform can reach more than 500 kilometers. At present, BESTUNE has already planned three models. The first pure electric vehicle based on FME platform will be officially launched in early 2020. At the end of 2020, it will also launch an exclusive customized product for the mobile travel market.

Unity is strength. As long as everyone works together, we can achieve a forest. There is no doubt that green public welfare has become an important part of the value construction of FAW BESTUNE. In the future, FAW BESTUNE will continue to regard the development of green public welfare as its own duty. While protecting the ecological environment, FAW BESTUNE will continue to lead more Chinese consumers to enhance public welfare awareness and create a new era, new vehicles and new life for them with “quality, wisdom, and creation cast a happy BESTUNE”.

The successful holding of this activity has been highly recognized by leaders of all parties and friends in the media. In order to ensure the smooth progress of this activity and enhance the experience, ADAO has gone deep into the Gobi Desert for on-site investigation for many times to understand the surrounding conditions, made sufficient emergency plans for bad weather, so that the activity can be perfectly presented and made a good start for BESTUNE Green Movement Plan. Regarding work and public welfare, ADAO is serious!