For the topic of “Bestune, Move Forward to Measure the Yellow River”, as the Bestune T99, the “Big Five-seat Intelligent Flagship SUV”, is about to come into the market. FAW Bestune’s “Epic Journey” of “Measuring the Yellow River” has also officially started from the headwaters of the Yellow River to the estuary of the Yellow River in Dongying. This large event of “Measuring the Yellow River” is the first time FAW Bestune has tried the feat of “Measuring the Yellow River”. Measuring the Yellow River is a journey to find our roots, but also a journey to trace the origin of Chinese civilization that pays tribute to the mother river. It is the first large-scale, long-distance, multi-province and multi-city event carried out by FAW Bestune. Whether there is a muddy and slippery road, or a shoal full of hidden rocks, or a rotten riverbed after rain, this is a test of the performance of Bestune vehicles.

     On October 12, 2019, as the flag slowly dropped, the test drive of Bestune T99 media set off slowly in the dawn. The media test drive started from Xining, a “key city in the western region”, and arrived at Guide County, a “second Jiangnan in plateau”. Along the way, it passed through scenic spots such as Lajishan Mountain, Waterwheel Square, Guideqing Wetland Park, Huangheqing Bridge and Ashgon Yellow River Bridge. Every place is full of infinite beauty, and every moment is accompanied by Bestune T99.


     So magnificent! This is a journey for the brave and a “big parade” of Bestune T99 performance and quality. So beautiful! The Bestune T99 motorcade galloped between the mountains and rivers of the greatness, showing ferocity and aggressiveness.

     “Light And Shadow” Appeared Along The Yellow River, A Fierce Collision Between Modern And Ancient.

     Driving along the Linhe Highway, stop when you reach the natural scenery along the way, and use the camera to record the uncanny work of nature. It is the pulse of the China and a sense of historical importance that has been accumulated for 5,000 years. The Bestune T99 adopts the “philosophy of light and shadow” design, which not only carries the ancient Chinese national culture, but also integrates the design style with a very modern sense.

     In the slight morning light, the media team of the Bestune T99 set out from Xining to march towards Guide, the “second Jiangnan in plateau”. Under the sunshine, the fierce and aggressive front face, the highly recognizable “digital raindrop” front grille, and the octagonal open air intake grille gleam in the morning light. On the one hand, it is a torrent of the Yellow River flowing for thousands of years; on the other hand, it is a representative work of the modern automobile industry. The ancient civilization and modern science and technology add radiance to each other. The Bestune T99 is more heroic in the background of the river.

     Bestune T99 takes “light and shadow” to lead the aesthetics of exterior design. The whole vehicle is rigid and flexible, and self-threatening. The body dimensions are 4800mm(L)*1915mm(W)*1685mm(H) and the wheelbase is 2870mm. The exterior design is optimized and upgraded from “light and shadow folding” to “light and shadow charm (beauty)”, and adopts a design expression form between light and shadow folding and sexy curved surface, so that the exterior of the whole vehicle is rigid and flexible, self-respect, superior, and greatly beautiful and simple. The design of headlights highlights “crisscross”. The horizontal headlights are integrated with the grille. The vertical daytime running lights in types of ornamental columns echo the digital raindrop grille, which is even more majestic in vertical and horizontal directions.


     The Outside Is A Scenic Film, the Inside Is A Resting Place.

     Lajishan Mountain, where is winding and cloud-shrouded; Huangheqing Wetland Park, where mountains, water and forests set each other off; Relying on the famous Waterwheel Square of “Guideqing is the most beautiful scenic spots along the Yellow River”; Ashgon Yellow River Bridge, the first bridge spans the magnificent river. “Measuring the Yellow River” is full of beautiful scenery everywhere. What is more compatible with the beautiful scenery is the comfortable driving experience brought by Bestune T99.

     Bestune T99 originated from FAW sports M3 platform, and innate sports genes endow vehicles with excellent dynamic performance. In addition, good steering performance, which is lighter steering at extremely low speed and outstanding cornering performance, make the steering of the vehicle more quality and smoother during the driving along the Yellow River, fully meeting the driver’s expectations.


     But clocking in to a “fairyland on earth” requires driving hundreds of kilometers, and you have to find a “resting place” during the journey? Bestune T99 meets all your imagination.

The Bestune T99 interior follows the design concept of “ring, thin, light and hanging”, which combines simplicity with luxury and sports with comfort. The large-area slush molding materials and luxury size highlight the luxurious atmosphere of “flagship SUV”. Intelligent AI human-computer interaction system, capacitive touch double 12-inch large screen and all-digital instrument system make the whole vehicle young and scientific. There are three interior color, which represent sports, comfort, and luxury, you can choose what you like. Sports leather seats can provide a more comfortable ride even in the fierce driving.

      Powerful Strength Is Not Afraid of Dangerous Roads, and Snow-Covered Plateaus Can Be Easily Conquered.

     “Measuring the Yellow River” is not only a journey to the source, but also a journey for the brave. The upper reaches of the Yellow River for this media test drive is located in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with high mountains and steep slopes and large drop. Some sections are close to mountains and cliffs.

     On one side is the magnificent scenery of the plateau, while on the other side is the sharp turn of thousand times. Any carelessness may cause danger. To successfully complete the journey of “Measuring the Yellow River”, vehicles must have excellent power.


     In terms of power, the Bestune T99 is equipped with a 2.0 TD high-performance engine. The power is on call and the chassis is solid and steady. It is more energy-saving, relying on high compression ratio to improve combustion efficiency and effectively improve fuel economy. It is more intelligent, can actively respond to the driver’s intention, and can give good feedback when turning. It is quieter, thanks to the application of silent chain, integrated double balance shaft system, high-efficiency low-noise gear technology and high-efficiency coupling vibration reduction system. The NVH performance of the whole vehicle has been effectively improved.

     As the new flagship SUV of the new Bestune, T99 never fears challenges. Prior to this, Bestune T99 was awarded the “Products for China’s South and North Pole Exploration” and joined hands with Xue Long 2 Polar Exploration Ship to go to South Pole, showing extremely strong performance and quality. This trip of “Measuring the Yellow River” for the brave faces more complicated and changeable road conditions, and the performance and quality of Bestune T99 meet another major test.

      Set Off with “Intelligence” And “Enjoy Intelligence” to Make the Trip to the Yellow River Easier.

     “Measuring the Yellow River”, the road is 5464 km long, how can you lack a “companion” who knows you? Bestune T99 is equipped with L 2.5 intelligent driving system, which can liberate drivers to the greatest extent and ensure driving safety. The multifunctional front-view camera system can monitor road conditions in real time. The use of 15 kinds of automatic driving assistance systems can easily cope with complex situations such as long-distance driving and road congestion.

     In addition, the extremely intelligent D-life 5.0 intelligent control system has powerful intelligent interaction between human and vehicle. Super desktop is equipped with audio and video, navigation, food, intelligent recommendation and other functions; Intelligent voice system is equipped with Iflytek 3.5 kit, making it easy for people to talk with cars.  AR real-life navigation adopts a more real and effective real-life guiding mode to make travel carefree;  Customized scenario recommendation, setting scenario modes according to users’ travel purposes to meet multi-scenario travel needs;  Car home interconnection, using the industry’s largest car home interconnection open platform, to achieve open interconnection with smart home brands such as millet;  Intelligent digital key, like a traditional physical key into your smart phone, making your life convenient and under control;  Remote intelligent control, realizing multiple remote intelligent control outside the car and inductive electric control opening of the rear tailgate ... it can meet all your needs and keeps your safety in mind! Enjoy a variety of intellectual experience, D-life 5.0 is the AI housekeeper who knows you best.


     On November 1, Bestune T99 is about to bring a special conference to consumers. As a master of China’s top Internet of Things technology, the Bestune T99, the “Big Five-seat Intelligent Flagship SUV”, has outstanding performance in exterior design, interior decoration atmosphere, driving and riding quality, and intelligent interconnection. The Bestune T99 embodies the beautiful vision and deep feelings of the new Bestune achievement “the Pioneer of Internet of Things Automobile”, and bears the mission and responsibility of the new Bestune, the product and the sales. We have sufficient reason to believe that the Bestune T99 can successfully complete the test drive of “Measuring the Yellow River”. At the same time, with the shock of the Bestune T99 coming on the market, it will certainly have better market performance.